Cameroon: Brenda Biya, the diva of our taxes


Biya’s daughter Brenda Biya is a student at the University of California (UC IRVINE) located in Irvine, some 64 km from Los Angeles.
But her parents have chosen her a house in Beverly Hills, the most expensive city in the United States, the city of movie stars and top musicians in the US. In a recent video where she claims to be a victim of racism, she says regularly she pays 400 US dollars (about 250,000 CFA francs) to taxi back from the univrrsity to Beverly Hills where she lives.
Considering that she has classes four times a week and  makes this trip once or twice a day, one can thus infer that the taxi fares of the daughter of the head of state costs about 1 to 2 million CFA francs each week to the Cameroonian taxpayer .that is about  4 to 8 million per month and 48 to 96 million FCFA per year. What is interesting is the fact that the daughter of the head of state, does not pay for any taxi,because her father is president she often goes or returned from school in a Limousine. Indeed, the distance between UC Irvine and Beverly Hills is about 1 hour 30 minutes. In most US cities the normal price of such a distance is between $ 100 and $ 180 maximum. Which means Brenda Biya does not take the normal taxi, but the luxury limousines. UC Irvine on distance to Bervely Hills, are the most expensive states in the United States, its highest luxury taxi fare is at 296.56 dollars (about 160,000 CFA francs).
But “THE DIVA OF OUR TAXES” says that daddy takes care of everything. If the expenses of the maintenance of the chauffeurs and bodyguards assigned to her security, his lodging, nutrition, clothing, pocket money, tourist trips … are added.It is clear that Brenda Biya alone can send hundreds of young people to colleges and universities in Cameroon for free. Even the daughters of Barack Obama, Sasha and Malia do not go to school in a limousine.
One can therefore understand why the driver had doubts about her credibility because even in the richest and most powerful country in the world, students or young students do not take luxury taxis as breakfast.

Simo Shuh


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