Cameroon: Bamenda Residents Create Vigilante Groups To Combat Increasing Crimes


The increasing wave of crimes around neighbourhoods in Bamenda has pushed residents in some quarters to create vigilante groups, in order to fight back perpetrators of frequent robbery attacks.

Following the ongoing unrest in the region, the rate of robbery cases has increased and many of these thieves come under the pretext of armed secessionists and collect properties.

It is for this reason that quarters such as Ntasen, Mancho amongst others had their security meeting recently where they resulted to be on alert and trap those who have been giving them sleepless nights.

Yes, we are just from a security meeting with the quarter head and some notables. We have formed a vigilante group too. Every landlord contributes 1000FRS each monthly and every tenant 500FRS .This is to help assist our boys who would be out during the curfew hours.”, said one of the residents.

Most of them say they are attacked almost everyday and their attackers come prepared to take a life, if you don’t cooperate.

« Men armed with guns and machetes, attack quarters in the night, ask you to open your door and or if they are the ones who finally open it, they would shoot you or cut off your arms. Once inside, they ask for all the money you have in the house. They do the search themselves and take your money”, a victim narrated.

Recent reports suggests some of these robbery attacks lead to s*e*xual harassment and rape.
Secessionists have denied being associated to all robbery cases, claiming their rounds have been infiltrated by thieves and sponsored groups to blackmail their mission. However, other quarters in Bamenda are still in fear and remain reluctant to create these security groups.

In the early hours of Tuesday, April 30, thieves broke into homes around Mancho street in Bamenda, and made away with property while some claims of rape were reported.

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