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Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Nine Contractors Missing in Mamfe


Families of some nine contractors have expressed worry over the whereabouts of their sons, following their disappearance for over four months, during a mission they recently took to Mamfe, in the South West region.

Relatives of one of the contractors by name, Tefang Dieudonné is said to have contacted a popular blogger, Mimi Mefo, to announce their disappearance.

« The last time we spoke to him on phone was on December 5th, 2018. He told us that the network connection was poor. Since December 7th we have not heard from him… He has left a family behind, stranded. We are tired of carrying out findings; we have received no call yet. Taking care of the kids alone has been extremely difficult…. », said the wife of Tefang Dieudonné.

Family members say they left to Mamfe, to construct a bridge in Ebinci, and no word has been heard from them. Giving that Manyu division is one of the most hit areas of the fallout of gun exchanges between military and armed separatists, concerns are being raised over their silence for this long.

Tefang’s wife revealed that her husband, who traveled with eight other workers was coordinating the project under the Brecg company. The management of the company according to reports, hasn’t yet explained what happened to Tefang Dieudonné and eight of his colleagues who are; Meuka Eliot, Efendenne François, Dawai Justin, Kouakam Joseph, Yomeni Roméo, Djouda Romuald, Fankem Amand, and Yovla Fidelis Suilaru.

« Since they disappeared, the company has not uttered a word, we have been carrying out investigations on our own, and this has been totally fruitless”, she continued.

Hopes are high that these workers are still alive, as Tefang’s wife continues to pray for his safe return along with the other eight workers. It remains unclear how the nine contractors went missing, but according to the site, sources have pointed accusing fingers at armed separatists, whom on their part have stayed mute on the subject, nor called the families for ransoms.


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