Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: All Africa Conference of Churches Solicit AU’s Intervention


Desperate attempts to see an end to the ongoing crisis in the North West and South West regions, has pushed members of the All African Conference of Churches(AACC) to call on the fAfrican Union(AU), to intervene.

As part of resolutions of their just ended conference in Nairobi Kenya, the members declared that,  » We, members of the executive committee of the All African Conference of Churches, gathered in Nairobi, Kenya …have discussed and prayed for matters related to peace in Africa and Cameroon in particular. We are deeply concerned about the peace situation in Cameroon, in some parts of the country, and greatly regret the loss of human lives in the past violent events in some other places ». They urged the African Union to take measures towards finding lasting solutions to the ongoing Anglophone Crisis.

The continental religious body said they were in support and work towards the a united, peaceful and prosperous Africa, where Africans sit together to solve peacefully, their differences.
« We feel ashamed of a conflict which is based on a sad history of two colonial languages », they regretted.

While encouraging religious leaders in Cameroon for the role they play towards peace, they called upon church leaders from both Anglophone and Francophone backgrounds to create space for peaceful dialogue between them and show by example, that dialogue and peace between different parts is possible.

They urged churches in Cameroon to work against hate speech, violence and promote peace and national cohesion among all citizens.

The AACC assured the church and the people of Cameroon of its solidarity while calling upon the government to handle the internal conflict with respect for human rights for all its citizens.

The AACC was born in 1963, and is currently represented in 42 African countries, with over 140 million Christians. It is a largest association of Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox and Indigenous Churches in Africa. The group is a member of the worldwide ecumenical network.

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