Cameroon – Akere Muna Says Banning The Words Anglophone, Francophone May Signal Withdrawal From La Francophonie

Barrister Akere Muna has mocked at the National Commission on the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism (NCPBM) following recommendations that the words « Anglophone » and « Francophone » should be banned and a « Ministry for Living Together and Multiculturalism » created.

Taking to twitter Monday, April 29, 2019, the former presidential candidate said by making such proposals in the heart of a crisis for which the commission had been created to solve, they have chosen to chase the wind in the wilderness.

« Here we go again forsaking the substance for the shadow, » the former president of the Cameroon Bar Council said.

He wonders whether Cameroon is about to quit La Francophonie in order for such a law to hold water.

Hear Akere: « The Bi-cultural Commission proposes the banning of the use of the words, «Francophone» and «Anglophone». So do we quit the Francophonie? It is now a definition universally used to identify these two groups.« 

Resolutions at the end of an NCPBM organises colloquium on April 24 & 25, 2019 at the Yaoundé Mont Fébé Hotel was to the effect that the words Anglophone and Francophone be banished from Cameroon’s territorial space.

« The Government of Cameroon must ban the words ‘Anglophone’ and ‘Francophone’ from state vocabulary and from use within the national territory, » one of the recommendations set to be sent for the appraisal of President Paul Biya read. .
The brains at the colloquium argued that the words Anglophone and Francophone are foreign but is the source of division today. They said citizens should first be identified as Cameroonians, not by foreign words that aim to split them.

« Cameroonians are not native speakers of English and French, as such we should rather promote our national languages by teaching them in schools and speaking them in other public places, » they argued.

At a time when the ministerial departments are said to be too many by political analysts, the commission headed by Peter Mafany Musonge is proposing that a Ministry of Living Together should be created.

« We urge the Government to create the ‘Ministry of Living Together and Multiculturalism’ so as to promote the values of living together and national Unity, » they resolved.

They also appealed that a day called « National Day of Living Together » be decreed wherein cultures and cultural values shall be showcased and aspects of living together hailed.

The colloquium also said many Cameroonians do not know the history of Cameroon. As such, emphasis should be laid on the teaching of Cameroon’s history as one people.

The colloquium took place at a time when Northerners in Obala (in Cameroon’s Centre Region) are having tough times cohabiting peacefully with the indigenous community. Clashes between the two communities led to the death of one Northerner and the destruction of property.

Also, the crisis in the North West and South West regions that led to the creation of the National Commission on the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism seems to be getting little attention.

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