Business & Social Forum @ Challenge Camerounais in Darmstadt from 20 to 22, May 2010


The 19th edition of ??Challenge Camerounais?? to be held in Darmstadt, a town 35km from Frankfurt am Main, shall be hosted by ACSD (Cameroonian Association in Darmstadt) under the slogan « Time for a new Generation ».??Challenge Camerounais?? is an annual opportunity to gather all Cameroonians living in Germany and neighbouring countries as part of cultural activities, sports and entertainment. Furthermore this is an opportunity for German and Cameroonian businesswomen and businessmen, entrepreneurs and politicians to meet and to discuss about the responsibility and the contribution of Cameroonians

living abroad into the development process of Cameroon. It is also a good forum to reflect together on improving relations between Germany and Cameroon as well as to get information about real business opportunities in Cameroon.At his 15th edition held in Bremen in 2006, Challenge Camerounais e.V. added therefore the ??Business and Social Forum?? to his activities, as a good platform to promote those reflexions and exchanges and as a nice way of connecting reflexions on the development of Cameroon and leisure.The BSF is an excellent opportunity for Cameroonians living in Germany and neighbourhoods to get informed about the economic and social situation in Cameroon, the state of German-Cameroonian economic relations. It is the place to establish relations between Cameroonian and German business professionals and to get first hand information on employment and business opportunities in Cameroon.The BSF offers the possibility of panel discussions with German and Cameroonian authorities, focuses on integration and reintegration problems that Cameroonians living in Germany are confronted with. In addition to business, the BSF offers an opportunity for Cameroonian job-seekers or people looking for internships to get directly in touch with potential employers. The social aspect of this forum is mainly to provide a networking opportunity between different institutions and associationsFrom Bremen 2006, Frankfurt 2007, Munich 2008 and Cologne 2009, the Business & Social Forum has evolved constantly. BSF @ Challenge Camerounais Darmstadt 2010 promises to be even more concrete and will have as central theme:
«Boosting economical development through entrepreneurship».One goal of the BSF @ Challenge Camerounais Darmstadt 2010 also expressed by the slogan is among others to provide technical and financial support to projects for business development in Cameroon.Challenge Camerounais e.V. and ACSD intend to bring fresh wind to the event by inviting even more business participants and by introducing a keynote speaker to the program. This speaker shall be a personality who has perpetuated exceptiontional specific achievements in his field of activity and his talk will address the entire audience @ Challenge Camerounais Darmstadt 2010.This particularity constitutes a part of very concrete characteristics that « Challenge Camerounais Darmstadt 2010 » will like to give to the incoming event. Procedures and best practices on starting a company, such as elaborating a feasibility study or a business plan shall be presented. This shall permit every visitor of the ??BSF @ Challenge Camerounais Darmstadt 2010?? to gain basic knowledge on creating its own company in Cameroon.On the other hand, BSF @ Challenge Camerounais Darmstadt 2010 shall ease the creation of an eco-system « Entrepreneurship and Development » which shall sponsor concrete projects of the Diaspora. These projects will be selected in a competition called: ??Best Business Plan Award??. For this competition candidates will present their business ideas to a jury of business professionals that will select the best three ideas, which shall be sponsored by the eco-system.The BSF will take place from 21 to 23 May 2010 on the campus housing the sports activities of Cameroonian Challenge Darmstadt 2010.With this press release, we would like to inform future economic operators to contact us to present their project ideas so that they can be considered for participation at the competition which shall be organized during that event.All cameroonian associations and/or economic investors specialized in the investment, finance and development sectors are requested to contact us concerning the creation of the eco-system, which shall support our ideas for development in Cameroon.Contact : [email protected] Challenge Camerounais e.V.Commission Business and Social ForumDr. Mbang SamaDr. Michel MbidaMsc Georges Romain Ngongang Dipl.-Inf. Lydie SeuleuDr. Alain Biahmou

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