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Mise à jour : 29 juin 2020

Babadjou- Bamenda Road: Visible Field Work Expected in February

Administrative/technical base takes root in Ak*um as Construction team reassures delays will not compromise quality of work.
The wait for the reconstruction of the Babadjou- Bamenda highway is getting long since works were officially launched by the Minister of Public Works in Santa on May 16th 2017. Yet, it is evident from the corridors of the SOGEA SATOM construction company, STUDI International Control Mission and the Regional Delegation of Public works that they are turning full circle to turn doubting Thomas’s into believers with quality works to eventually deliver. Sealed lips is the password at the level of the Construction Company and Control Mission but CT got it from their corridors that their heavy equipment will settle for visible works on the road by February 20, 2018. The anxious beneficiary population is thus required to be patient, counting on the commitment of the control Mission to ensure that quality works eventually emerge as the difference. The installation of the administrative and technical base of the SOGEA SATOM Construction company is near completion in the neighbourhood of Mile 9, in Santa Sub Division. On –the-spot, some caterpillars, graders and trucks are visible. Cameroon Tribune got it from the neighourhood that extra geotechnical studies in the search for quality rocks to produce the best gravel for use is to blame for delays to kickstart work that catches the eye of the waiting public. From the look of things, February 2018 is the month for things to happen with works expected to simultaneously begin at three fronts, (Babadjou, Bamenda city Centre and at the bypass from welcome to Bamenda towards GBHS Bamendankwe to Ecole Des Champion). The reconstruction of the 52 km Babadjou-Bamenda stretch including the Bamenda Urban road network features in the government’s commitment to improve the level of service of the network and to increase the level of paved roads in the North West region. The project features the reconstruction of 35km of the Babadjou- Bamenda highway, development of the 5km Bamenda Cliff bypass, and the development of the 12km Bamenda urban crossing. It is the state of Cameroon and World Bank funded project.

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