Cameroon: « Achu », A Meal With Rules

Cameroon: « Achu », A Meal With Rules

Pounded cocoyam with yellow or black soup is a traditional meal that is popularly called “achu” in the North West Region. It’s the staple meal of the Akum man who prefers it with smoked meat.

While “achu” with yellow soup is served during traditional and cultural feasts like “ndeng ndeng,” the one with black soup (ground cocoyam leaves) is eaten during traditional weddings, according to Mange Christina, one of the Fon’s wives.
“Achu” is generally a meal that commands respect.
Thus, there are laid down rules and regulations on how it should be eaten. Traditionalists say it is eaten with one finger. It’s a taboo to use a spoon or a fork.
Any attempt to use any of the utensils is tantamount to anarchy, thus a fine. Instead of drinking water, palm wine is recommended after meal. Bon appetite!

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