2012 January: Cameroon to Become Big Construction Site

President Biya told CPDM congress participants in Yaounde yesterday while opening deliberations in his capacity as party chairman.The massive attendance at the Third Ordinary Congress of the Cameroon People??s Democratic Movement (CPDM) and the ecstasy that marked the opening ceremony could have been enough to make the party congress eventful. But this would not have been complete without the opening keynote speech of the National President, Paul Biya.Amidst thunderous applause, ululations and song chanting, President Paul Biya informed party delegates and other participants of the milestone covered by his party in the face of growing hurdles and challenges. In all, he painted the picture of a political organisation that has made strides.

From quite a confident posture, President Biya stated how his greater ambition programme has so far yielded fruit, outlining how studies on major projects within the framework of the Greater Ambition have been completed and financing obtained. In this light, he underscored the fact that the country as of 2012 will become a big construction site.Other issues tackled in the keynote address included reforms undertaken since the last congress, notably the creation of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) and the amendment of the constitution in March, 2008; lifting the limitation of presidential terms. The aim of introducing the dual change, he said, was to ??fully restore the sovereign people??s prerogatives in choosing their leaders and in shaping their destiny.?? As far as the fight against corruption is concerned, President Biya said some major strides have been made but that ??much remains to be done.?? In this light, he expressed his determination to ??eliminate this scourge by stepping up the fight against corruption without complacency, discrimination; irrespective of the social status or political leaning of those found guilty.??The CPDM National President expressed disappointment at the fact that Cameroon continues to import food with all the potential it has in agriculture.He reiterated the determination of government to provide jobs for the youths who are the country??s present and future, stating inter alia that it ought not to be the duty of the State alone, but that of segments of the nation, notably the private sector. The State apparatus needs to be rendered more youthful and women given equal opportunities, he stated.The Head of State particularly irked those who only see things from the negative side and those who resort to violence as the best channel to achieve their aims. Cameroon, he said, has a legal framework through which problems can be handled. He called on party followers residing abroad to give a good image of the country and recalled that it was because of the important role they can play that he promulgated into law their participation in elections.Yesterday??s opening ceremony took place in strict respect of party rules and regulations protocol. The party National President accompanied by his wife, Chantal Biya, clad in party uniform, arrived at the Yaounde Conference Centre at exactly 10 am as programmed before walking into the hall for the opening. All the 1,166 delegates from the ten regions and special guests were already seated in the hall. The atmosphere was rife, epitomised by the welcome chorus of, ??Paul Biya, our President, and Father of the Nation??. Women in particular, sang at the top of their voices.Outside the hall, were a medley of dance groups and a multiplicity of town criers who illuminated the atmosphere. Deliberations in the hall opened with the singing of the National Anthem, followed by the reading of the decision of the Divisional Officer for Yaounde II authorising the holding of the Congress and a welcome speech from the Mfoundi II CPDM Section President, Luc Assamba.After his hair-raising speech that ignited applause, reflection and even silence, President Biya gave the floor to invited political parties from other countries. There were all together four with messages of thanks and wishes to deepen cooperation between their parties and the CPDM. They came from the Chinese Communist Party, Gabonese Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea and the Chadian Popular Movement.The opening ceremony wrapped up with the election and installation of the congress bureau with Cavaye Yeguie Djibril as president, Fon Angwafor III and Mrs Genevieve Tjoues as vice presidents, and Sultan Njoya as Questor. Three rapporteurs were elected: Rene Sadi, Monjowa Lifaka and Emmanuel Bonde. Members were equally elected into the general policy committees; 20 for political policy, 20 for economic policy and 30 for social and cultural policy.

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